Update from Pemba!!

Hey all,

Having a great time in Pemba, Looking forward to being home soon.

Led a couple outreaches lately, and am looking at doing another one next week, potentially with Heidi, which, from what I have heard, can be kind of hectic – so any prayers – Appreciated!!

Has been a great season, of getting Vision of what is to come, and also the excitement of coming home in a couple weeks!!

Praise Points
Beautiful time of Rest Yesterday!
Incredible opportunity to be here, and exciting to look to what the future holds too!!
Blood infection is gone!!
Has been a fantastic school thus far!!

Prayer Points
Beira – City in Mozambique – Experiencing unrest!! Pray for Peace, and the Prince of Peace, to rule and reign in this situation!!
That the students would get well-wrecked this week!! (Last week of this school!!)
Continued wisdom and discernment, as we enter into the last week, regarding, time, relationships, and finishing well…!!

Much Love,



Green Tree! 🙂


More Weddingness…


Dope friends!!


Pirilampo Harvest School Colour Group!!Image

Not good when the well goes dry in a hot climate – Water has been a bit of an issue here ay…!


Shack on Outreach


Outreach last weekend!


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