Got to go on outreach again!

Yep – Supporting the wonderful Kristina Farmer, and the Pink colour group, and a bunch of visitors, went for one of the most confronting (ie in terms of my own heart, the gospel etc), outreaches this year!!

Met a beautiful older man, and realised that loving him, without the Gospel, is not what someone in their later years needs to hear!

Either way – Hoping to learn from this mistake, and am pressing in to know the Father’s heart even more!

Got further challenged by two young brothers, deaf & mute, – one experienced healing, and one not so much! Real people, real lives, and real situations – In your face!!

God is definitely doing some Heart Surgery.

Praying that it continues!!

Much Love!!




Beautiful Medical Team




Happy Chappies!


2 thoughts on “Got to go on outreach again!

  1. You are going to be so brown by the time you come back to Melbourne ^_^

    That is wonderful that life over there is going so well for you. Knowing God really is the biggest and best part of life, if only we REALLY knew how good and kind God was towards us, we’d be hanging around with Him a lot more 😀

    When are you back?

    Cheers, William.

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