Joy is a Weapon.

Amazing time in the bush. At least two people that I heard of were healed of being deaf (one in one ear, one in both). (Also a couple guys turning to Jesus and asking Him to set them free of addiction, as well as probably countless healings, salvations etc)!

It was radical good fun, and seeing Pastor Nazarene (local Mozambican leader) preach with such fire, and demonstrate such joy in his character was a real inspiration for me!!

Seeing the team today, and as some recounted weeping what God had done in their hearts, was by far one of the most exciting, and encouraging things!!

Just freaks me out that people could not want to know how good He is!!

Thanks also for rocking the prayer. Absolutely seemless interaction with the Mozambicans! Saw a number of people healed and saved, His compassion in action and so on!! Also just felt super carried by Him, so thanks for prayers!!


Realised how last school I learnt to be organised, not due to strict guidelines etc, but from being offered complete freedom to do things as I saw fit, and that within timelines that ultimately were not as tight (Africa Time), as at home!!

Not sure if that translates, but am pretty much saying that have learnt a lot about being organised, simply by being in an environment that offers me the opportunity, to succeed or fail, as I see fit!

Also been learning that relationships are often the lifeblood through which God pours His love!!

Have made some beautiful friends here, that am going to miss heaps when I leave in 6 weeks or so!!

Looking forward to seeing you all soon!!

Much Much Love,



Mozambican Bush!!


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