Week 4 – Harvest School 19!

Hey all,

Having a great time on Harvest School 19, and am finding it a lot smoother than 18 (ie after learning some of the ins & outs of staffing!!).

Blood infection is unfortunately still around, but thankfully, due to some good doctoring, I am anticipating to be dealt with soon (ie on a stronger round of antibiotics, and some quality bandage!!).

Thanks again for your friendship, & support!

Looking forward to being in touch / seeing you in December!

Praise Points

This school Rocking it, and less stress t’boot!

Loving some of the class sessions

Just being surrounded by beautiful people

Prayer Points

Blood infection to rack off

Outreach this weekend – Leading a team of 16 or so Harvest School students, and 10 or so Mozambican Bible students into the Bush Bush for another freakin legit time of seeing the Love of God made manifest in this country, with signs wonders miracles and salvations following!! 🙂

More intimacy.

Thanks again for being incredible!!

Much Love,



Back from South Africa


Day in the Village


Beautiful Friends!


Mozambican Mama


Cute kids!


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