3 1/2 Months in 5 Minutes!

Hey guys,

Just a short video of some photos of my time in Mozambique over the past 3 1/2 Months!

Thanks again for all your support!!

Much, Much Love!!



12 thoughts on “3 1/2 Months in 5 Minutes!

  1. Simon,

    I have supported a number of different missionaries over the years and I gotta say, your current trip has been the easiest by far to follow and share with, as well as pray for you! Your use of technology through a blog and Youtube has been so helpful in understanding and journeying with you and your team.

    Hope you’re enjoying a well deserved break in South Africa.
    Look forward to seeing what God will do through you in the coming months.

    God bless you,
    Lisa W

    • Hey Lisa,

      Thanks so much!!

      Deeply appreciate so much, the encouragement, and support!

      Praying for you guys too in this season of awesome (ie with Samuel :))!!

      See you in December!!


  2. Hi Simon
    Fantastic video! & great blogs!
    It’s so inspiring to see what you’re doing so thank you for sharing!
    We miss you from Sat prayer & Cat also.
    God is indeed good, & so encouraging
    With love because of Jesus

  3. Great video, Simon! I think you might be an aussie Billy Graham. Loved the guy’s reaction to eating vegemite “I think I might need another cracker”!! Priceless…

  4. So inspired Si. He loved you beyond all borders and He can’t but be moved by seeing you pursuing Him there. He knows you! Wherever you are, he knows everything absolutely this son. And He loves walking with this son like crazy. Bless you for all the joy you give Him. Highly known! Highly treasured! “I don’t have another one in this model.”

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