3 1/2 Months in 5 Minutes!

Hey guys,

Just a short video of some photos of my time in Mozambique over the past 3 1/2 Months!

Thanks again for all your support!!

Much, Much Love!!



Love, Love, Love

So, it’s been a while,

But I thought, that considering the end of another 3 months of pouring out our lives for Jesus, what’s He done!?

Some of the stuff I have learnt, I have already detailed on this blog, so I won’t go back over old ground.

He taught me about Rest.

How do you find out about rest!?

You ask Him to show you how much He loves you, without you having had to do anything to earn it!!

The other thing I really feel as though He’s been teaching me,

Is that He loves me.

Haha – How good is that!? 🙂

In other news,

I’m on my way to South Africa (even as I write this to you!! :)),

Where I’ll be spending a few days in Cape Town, before heading out to the Breede Valley, and leading a small outreach there, at a new Iris Base, run by Johann & Marie, a beautiful couple I was privileged to spend time with at the start of the previous school!!

I love you all, and am forever grateful, for the fact that you have been willing to pour out your lives to Him, and taken an interest in what He is doing in my little life, and praying into that! May God reward you richly!!

Love you guys!!


Praise Points:
Fully engaging, in a season of seeing 300 world changers, come into, receive, and go out from, a beautiful missions school in Mozambique
Being able to go to South Africa for some rest, good food, and hot showers in a cooler climate!!
Just having a great time!! 🙂

Prayer Points:
Health, and an injection of supernatural refreshment!!
Time with Him!
That the students would be wrecked forever by His love!

Love you all lots!!



Iris Farm, Mieze.