10 Day Bush Outreach!

Hey all,

Just had a great time on 10 Day Bush Outreach. As you would expect, the blind saw, the deaf heard, and many received Jesus as Lord & Saviour.

Some potential highlights?!

– Crowd Surfing on Mozambican Kids (See below!! :)),
– Seeing a young guy get his hearing back after prayer a couple days ago (prayed for him where we were camping, and then later on he brought a young girl – also deaf, to get prayer – and God healed her too!! He is so good!! :)).
– Spending time with the team, and really getting to know them personally!!

I think that one of the definitive highlights for me, was spending time with, the Harvest School students!! It was great fun, and they really are a great bunch of people who are going to change the world for Jesus!!

Thank-you so much for praying!! He definitely went before us, and I think it was only his Grace that made it so chill, fun, fire-filled brilliance! Loved it!

Heading to South Africa in two weeks, where I’ll be having a break before leading an outreach in the Breede Valley at a farm owned by a beautiful couple who staffed the first five weeks of this school!

Am looking forward to chillaxing at the beach, playing guitar, and perhaps even reading some books before then!! Yes!! 🙂

Love you all lots.



It’s a Bug Life


The Team!


Goat for dinner!


Preaching on Intimacy/the Gospel etc


African Bush


Aussies & Mozzies – Baptizing in the Bush!! 🙂


Chill Time!!


10 Day Bush Outreach!!

Hey all – Everything below has changed and we are now heading to Monte Pois and some other place (Seewetta!?!?)! 🙂

Either way – Is going to be an awesome outreach – Will be doing Bush Evangelism & Outreach, and it is a time where Prayer would be deeply appreciated!!

Leaving tomorrow for 5 hour or so ride in the back of the truck and will be returning 18.08.13!!

Is going to be awesome!!

Love you all heaps!!


ImageGuys from my house – Graduates!! 🙂

Life is an adventure

Written 28.07.13

Despite usual experiences otherwise, with much larger groups, was reminded of travels when I was 22 as I explored a local village we were staying overnight at (just near the back of base), and was given the freedom to explore with just one other student (as opposed to normal when we have to have groups to leave base etc).

Headed up to overlooking Pemba (Photo Below), and just enjoyed the freedom.

Was a great day to relax as well. Enjoying the time away from base, and being looked after by a local Mozambican pastors wife and sons!!

Funny to think that this school will finish in just 10 days or so, then will be heading out to a largely unreached area in Northern Mozambique, for a 10 day outreach near Palma (Tanzanian Border!!).

Have had some sweet times (are there any others?! :)), with Jesus, and am looking forward to finishing the school well.

Praise Points
– God absolutely ripping it up with a skit we did for a group of students I am currently co-leading!! 🙂
– Will be co-leading 10 day bush outreach; with my current co-leader for outreaches (bonus!); to a largely unreached area (bonus!); to a place near the coast (bonus!); and heaps of people are probably going to get rocked by the Love of Jesus!!
– Staying overnight in the village last night was awesome, compared to last year, where it was not as awesome!
– God just opening awesome doors, to spend time with Him. And making some good decisions surrounding doing this!

Prayer Points
– Will be leading a 10 day Bush Outreach on roughly the 8th of next month, to a largely unreached people group of another faith. While I know that God is going before us and that He is going to rip it up, I’m also aware that we are entering a warzone, in the fact that people coming to faith, in an unreached area, is literally going to spur on the return of Christ. No joke – it’s in the book!! Would love prayer accordingly. Will try and send out some more specific prayer points regarding this soon!!
– For unity with Carole who I will be leading with again, and also amongst the team and with the Mozambican Leadership & Pastors etc who will be with us, leading, etc…
– That I would finish this school well, both in relation to staff/student relationships, and also just in getting prepared for what is ahead, in the 10 day outreach, as well as heading to South Africa in between schools, both for a break, and also to lead an outreach before next school!!

Thanks with all my heart!! 🙂

Much Love,