Power in peace.

Just had a great revelation today. While walking along with one of my room-mates, realised that I had started to put process in front of people. Ie – ‘Getting the job done’ had become more important than than the people in front of me!! Since then have been experiencing such a phenomenal download of his peace, as I have allowed the Holy Spirit to lead, rather than circumstances, situations or peoples requests! I have seen how God has caused things to work out, to the point that I have been able to organise things without having to stress about it!! Has honestly been remarkable to say the least!!

Have been getting desperately hungry for Him too, and am looking forward to just some quality one on one time with Him.

Other than that, enjoying the school, some great down-time, and just loving being here!! Things have been working out well, and I even had some nutella on a roti wrap the other day which was pretty awesome!! Hehe!! 🙂

Love you all heaps!!


Praise Points
Breakthrough, as per above.
Time spent with Him has been precious – and have had some space to myself to do this – Praying that this continues!! 🙂
God absolutely wrecking me the other day!
Great times of fellowship with students!!

Prayer Points
Full surrender.
Life altering encounters with God for the students!!
That I would be able to take care of my own Soulish, Physical & Spiritual needs, in a healthy balanced fashion!
Desperate Hunger!! 🙂


Me writing to you! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Power in peace.

  1. Simon!!! It’s so good to hear all about what Papa is doing in you during this time! So proud of the man you are, such a gift to so many people. Continue to carry & release the fire, passion & joy of heaven to those around you! May you drink deep of Papa’s love as He continues to overwhelm you with his presence & fresh revelation!!!

    Love you bro 🙂

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