Leading Colour Group / Bush Bush Outreach!! :)

Just got back from a great time in the Bush Bush!! God was amazing, and am so appreciative of all your prayers!! 🙂

Last night was amazing, heading out for another screening of the 1979 Jesus film, and then praying for the sick / preaching the Gospel. For me personally I saw a young guy recover his hearing, a guy with stomach issues healed, and perhaps most amazingly – a guy with cloudy vision recover his sight!! God is amazing!!

Was also great to have an opportunity to lead an outreach, and was blessed to have a great colour group leader Carole, who is native born Brazilian and so could speak Portueguese!! So handy to have someone who is really able to interact well with the local speaking pastors!!

God has been incredible, and despite being a bit stressed before hand – he really gave me peace – and quite frankly – it was just amazingly good fun!! 🙂

God is better than we could ever dream of. My prayer is that He moves in Australia, in ways that blow our socks off.

Praise Points:
Where do I start, and where do I stop!? God is good!! 🙂

Prayer Points:
Just thanks so much for praying for the outreach – It went so smoothly, and even this morning, with just 5 minutes quiet time, God was able to speak to my heart, and give me peace, and of course – Just rock the day. The locals also were able to be blessed, the king of the village getting saved, and this place just being so open to the gospel. They truly honoured us in a way that people had not yet seen before – Getting us a pig, cooking us local bready/corn substance Sheema, and just really honouring us – which was amazing!! He is so worthy!! 🙂

Thanks for your prayers!! 🙂

With much love!! 🙂



Bush Bush with Hills in distance!


Panoramic shot of Colour Group, Mozambican Pastors etc!


On way to Baptisms!! 🙂


Local Mozambican Bush Pastor


No River? No worries – Baptisms in the Bush!! 😉


Dinner at Plush restaurant with Colour Group after outreach!! 🙂


Me with Colour Group Co-Leader – Yep – She’s standing on a chair!! 😉 Haha!! 🙂


Nice Silhouette!! 🙂


More stars!! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Leading Colour Group / Bush Bush Outreach!! :)

  1. Simon,

    Thanks for the updates. Don & I are really encouraged by your enthusiasm & commitment so far. God is doing a great job, both in you & through you. We’re praying for you & the ministry.

    Take care,

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