It’s so good being happy!! :)

Just realising this week, how happy I have been feeling, to the point of not being sure if I am going to laugh or cry, because I’ve been so happy!! 🙂 Hahah!! 🙂
Realised this morning that what makes me happy – Is knowing that I’m loved!! 🙂

Had a guys night last night, where we camped out, and discussed guys stuff. Was super awesome, but was feeling pretty crook. Got prayer at 4am and started feeling a bit better. Got back this morning, and was still feeling a bit sick, but went to bed until 12.30pm or so, and then went to the staff meeting, where I got prayer and am now feeling significantly better, to the point that I have eaten some, and had enough energy to do stuff! 🙂 Praise Jesus!! 🙂

Really enjoying seeing what has been happening here. The school seems to be starting to enter a new phase, and am really praying for breakthrough in worship etc!!

Guys in my room are awesome, and love them lots. Has been exciting watching them really starting to engage with God, and press into him!!

Praise Points
Read post!! 🙂

Prayer Points
Leading team on outreach next weekend (Thurs-Sat), would love your prayer covering!! 🙂

Love you!! 🙂


ImagePhoto of night out with guys from my room!!


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