Hi! :)

Dead to Sin
Alive to Christ
There’s nothing else
That’s quite as nice

Having a great time, enjoying the community with other staff members, and meeting some of the students as they begin to filter in! 🙂

Just loving being given this opportunity, and learning a lot about the Father’s Heart, Ceasing from Striving, Falling in Love with Jesus, etc etc.

Spent today working hard to prepare for the students, who will be here for class which should be starting soon – Also will be having children’s day on Saturday, with 4-5000 kids coming for a feed and assuming activities of some description!! 🙂

Has been a remarkably good time, Love to hear from you all!! 🙂

Lots of Love!! 🙂


ImageStaff chillout day! 🙂

ImagePemba Nite Sky! 🙂

ImageView from the Prayer hut

ImageAlmost a good photo!! 🙂 Hahah!! 🙂 (Yes there’s a couple familiar faces for those of you who recognise them!! :)).


11 thoughts on “Hi! :)

    • Hey!! 🙂 Brooke & Kurt Wilson, Kristina Dieselberg, Joni Viets, Camilla, Beth-Anne; Staff – Brett Rayner, Daniel Salameh, Lori, Kristina, Gillian, Ryan, So yeah – Quite a few! 😉 See you Diskie! 🙂

      • Wow, that’s amazing, there are many familiar faces. Hang on, bro. Keep update us.

    • What a precious picture. Good Job Sime. We are missing you so much but you are doing a great job there, you are in our prayers. 🙂 xoxo

  1. Hi Simon!
    Good to see that things are going well and that the fellowship of others is proving to be stimulating. Good to see some photos too.

    We continue to pray for your protection and for the Lord’s blessings to flow abundantly on you.

    Mum and Dad

  2. Man, it looks so nice there!

    In Melbourne things are a little more chilly 🙂 ~ no shorts being worn here, lol.
    This week is my last week of Lectures. Next week is revision, then the week after is Exams 😀

    Thank you for keeping us updated. I appreciate your time taken to update and keep us in the loop.

    Sincerely, William.

  3. Hey Uncle Sime, this is Micah here, I just wanted to say: I want you to come back and I love you. I am praying for you everyday and we are learning about Pentecost and how Holy Spirit came like a little fire over everyone and they all knew what each other were saying. Thank you for listening, that’s about it. Love you, Micah. xoxo

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