Mozambique…. 2013! :)


Almost now with mixed feelings… My last post!!

Just wanted to say thank-you!

From the bottom of my heart, for your love, support, and just Generally being Interested, in my life over the past 7 months!!

So grateful to God, for all He has done, for the time He has afforded me to seek His face, Serve in a beautfiul country with laid down lovers, all eager to pursue Him no matter what the cost… Kind of reminds me of some of you!! 😉

Much Love to each and every single one of you!!


Ephesians 3:16-18

I pray that from his glorious, unlimited resources he will empower you with inner strength through his Spirit. Then Christ will make his home in your hearts as you trust in him. Your roots will grow down into God’s love and keep you strong. And may you have the power to understand, as all God’s people should, how wide, how long, how high, and how deep his love is!!




Leaving Pemba!


Back Home, with some of my biggest Fans!!

Update from Pemba!!

Hey all,

Having a great time in Pemba, Looking forward to being home soon.

Led a couple outreaches lately, and am looking at doing another one next week, potentially with Heidi, which, from what I have heard, can be kind of hectic – so any prayers – Appreciated!!

Has been a great season, of getting Vision of what is to come, and also the excitement of coming home in a couple weeks!!

Praise Points
Beautiful time of Rest Yesterday!
Incredible opportunity to be here, and exciting to look to what the future holds too!!
Blood infection is gone!!
Has been a fantastic school thus far!!

Prayer Points
Beira – City in Mozambique – Experiencing unrest!! Pray for Peace, and the Prince of Peace, to rule and reign in this situation!!
That the students would get well-wrecked this week!! (Last week of this school!!)
Continued wisdom and discernment, as we enter into the last week, regarding, time, relationships, and finishing well…!!

Much Love,



Green Tree! 🙂


More Weddingness…


Dope friends!!


Pirilampo Harvest School Colour Group!!Image

Not good when the well goes dry in a hot climate – Water has been a bit of an issue here ay…!


Shack on Outreach


Outreach last weekend!

Got to go on outreach again!

Yep – Supporting the wonderful Kristina Farmer, and the Pink colour group, and a bunch of visitors, went for one of the most confronting (ie in terms of my own heart, the gospel etc), outreaches this year!!

Met a beautiful older man, and realised that loving him, without the Gospel, is not what someone in their later years needs to hear!

Either way – Hoping to learn from this mistake, and am pressing in to know the Father’s heart even more!

Got further challenged by two young brothers, deaf & mute, – one experienced healing, and one not so much! Real people, real lives, and real situations – In your face!!

God is definitely doing some Heart Surgery.

Praying that it continues!!

Much Love!!




Beautiful Medical Team




Happy Chappies!

Joy is a Weapon.

Amazing time in the bush. At least two people that I heard of were healed of being deaf (one in one ear, one in both). (Also a couple guys turning to Jesus and asking Him to set them free of addiction, as well as probably countless healings, salvations etc)!

It was radical good fun, and seeing Pastor Nazarene (local Mozambican leader) preach with such fire, and demonstrate such joy in his character was a real inspiration for me!!

Seeing the team today, and as some recounted weeping what God had done in their hearts, was by far one of the most exciting, and encouraging things!!

Just freaks me out that people could not want to know how good He is!!

Thanks also for rocking the prayer. Absolutely seemless interaction with the Mozambicans! Saw a number of people healed and saved, His compassion in action and so on!! Also just felt super carried by Him, so thanks for prayers!!


Realised how last school I learnt to be organised, not due to strict guidelines etc, but from being offered complete freedom to do things as I saw fit, and that within timelines that ultimately were not as tight (Africa Time), as at home!!

Not sure if that translates, but am pretty much saying that have learnt a lot about being organised, simply by being in an environment that offers me the opportunity, to succeed or fail, as I see fit!

Also been learning that relationships are often the lifeblood through which God pours His love!!

Have made some beautiful friends here, that am going to miss heaps when I leave in 6 weeks or so!!

Looking forward to seeing you all soon!!

Much Much Love,



Mozambican Bush!!

Week 4 – Harvest School 19!

Hey all,

Having a great time on Harvest School 19, and am finding it a lot smoother than 18 (ie after learning some of the ins & outs of staffing!!).

Blood infection is unfortunately still around, but thankfully, due to some good doctoring, I am anticipating to be dealt with soon (ie on a stronger round of antibiotics, and some quality bandage!!).

Thanks again for your friendship, & support!

Looking forward to being in touch / seeing you in December!

Praise Points

This school Rocking it, and less stress t’boot!

Loving some of the class sessions

Just being surrounded by beautiful people

Prayer Points

Blood infection to rack off

Outreach this weekend – Leading a team of 16 or so Harvest School students, and 10 or so Mozambican Bible students into the Bush Bush for another freakin legit time of seeing the Love of God made manifest in this country, with signs wonders miracles and salvations following!! 🙂

More intimacy.

Thanks again for being incredible!!

Much Love,



Back from South Africa


Day in the Village


Beautiful Friends!


Mozambican Mama


Cute kids!

Back to Pemba…! :) – 30.09.13

South Africa

He was so faithful to really bless the girls & me with some amazing ministry opportunties (open doors in council, hospital, orphanage, school, as well as getting to minister to local farmers, ministers etc – More open doors than you can poke a stick at!!).

Perhaps my favourite, was connecting with a group of young people (ie around my age), and doing outreach on Saturday (healing and outreach ministry, with very similar heart to Iris – Ie stopping for the one, expecting Miracles & Loving people!!)!!

Roberston is also a beautiful place, and being in the midst of gorgeous scenery, etc, was beautiful!!

Loved it!!


Back in Pemba now, I am enjoying a day off, at Pamela’s request (What a crazy blessing!! :)), and am enjoying some quiet time at their place!!

Has been great to re-connect with the staff, and also to meet some new ones!!

They rock!!

Praise Points:
An absolutely beautiful time in South Africa!!
God’s love being made so much more real, again, on this trip!!
He is so faithful.

Prayer Points:
Blood infection have had since Bush Bush to rack off.
That I would really be able to pray into & invest with all the capacity that God gives me for this school!
That we would all love like Jesus does!!

Lots of Love,